Adventure Awaits!

JUNE 21-AUGUST 2, 2019

Join me for a 7-week adventure where you’ll practice Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary by Trusting Your Gut, Honoring Your Emotions, Connecting to Your Tribe, and Aligning Your Actions and Intentions.

You’ll connect with your inner wisdom and use the chakras as guides along with movement, shamanic journeying, drumming, and feeling your way into an authentic expression of who you are becoming.


Looking through the lens of the first chakra, we’ll explore what it feels like to want to be here, the benefits of befriending our bodies, and the incredible experiences that are only available because we have a body. We’ll experience what it feels like to be fully present.


This week the second chakra will help us create a Divine Connection with our guides, helpers, angels and assistants. We’ll completely “embrace the woo” as we feel our way into what we’ve only imagined before and learn to rely on this connection.


What is possible when we trust we are connected to Source? What truth emerges? Where does that confidence come from? The third chakra offers up some secrets for us.


Now that we are here, we are connected, and we trust our source, it’s time to align our actions and intentions in service of our highest and best self or those we serve. The fourth chakra teaches us about the power and strength of forgiveness and moving forward in love.


This is where things get exciting! Evidence of the Extraordinary is now an ordinary occurrence. The fifth chakra assists us in speaking our truth and manifesting the miraculous.


This week we resolve to evolve. We explore the idea of Instant Upleveling and how to manage this kind of energy and insight. We look through the lens of the sixth chakra and invite a Vision Walk to guide our evolution.


This is how we show up in the world and in our own Queendom. A choice a lifetime in the making is beckoning us. What are our priorities? How do we radiate who we are with our vibration and frequency? How do we step into our magnificence?


Course Tuition: $397 (Save $400 on this beta class!)

VIP Option: $997 = 2 private coaching sessions + lifetime access to digital course

Course is Delivered via Zoom and recorded. You will need to download the free Zoom app at I will also host a FB group for support and discussion.

First class Friday, June 21 at 2pm EST
*Future class times will be determined based on participants schedules.

Please PM or email me if you are interested and at what level and I will invoice you via PayPal. Thanks for your consideration!! It’s going to be amazing!!